Coffee and tea drinkers who adore a good book and a hot or cold brew will appreciate the chic and relaxing Café Zola. Found within a sweet local book store, and featuring a nice collection of well-made coffee drinks and herbal teas, this charming establishment is a fine destination to delve into something caffeinated and / or healthy while perusing the fabulous nearby collection of books.

The coffee house has a warm and homey feel, with natural wooden tables, jars of herbs lining the shelves, and a small outdoor patio that is perfectly relaxing on a warm spring or summer day. The menu is varied enough to appeal to die-hard coffee fans, and includes specialty drinks, like cappuccinos, café lattes, mochas, and more. In addition, Cafe Zola is renowned for its teas, which can be served iced or hot, and which can be blended with a variety of natural healing herbs, like ginger, cayenne, peppermint, chamomile, nettle, and more. With little snacks and house blends available for sale, patrons can also pick up plenty of goodies and brews to enjoy or recreate at home. Welcoming and warm, with an atmosphere that’s perfect for taking a breather, Café Zola is a pleasant diversion for visitors who want to want a break from a busy Wilmington exploration.

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