Artful Living Group

Budding artists can feed a need to create, while art fans can peruse a number of works from talented regional creators, all with a visit to Carolina Beach’s own Artful Living Group. This fun center for creativity...

Good Hops Brewing

Beach-goers who are in the mood for an ice cold brew after a full day on the beach, and who also appreciate a taste of something locally crafted and just a little different, will appreciate Carolina Beach’s own...

Saltwater Surf Art Gallery

Visitors who are strolling along the Carolina Beach Boardwalk can enjoy a colorful break from the sun and sand by stepping into the vibrantly inviting Saltwater Surf Art Gallery. Featuring a wealth of distinctively...

The Veggie Wagon

Healthy grub and decadent delicacies combine at The Veggie Wagon, a chic little veggie shack that’s stuffed with an abundance of local and regional goodies. Located just a block or so away from the ocean in the...

Carolina Beach Educational Activities

Carolina Beach Educational Activities

Though Carolina Beach is arguably best known as a fun-filled vacation destination, hence the well-earned nickname “Pleasure Island,” both the town itself and the surrounding Cape Fear area are fine spots to pick up a little area education. From remote island destinations that are prime representations of the local coastal habitats, to cool museums and historic residences where the local history comes to life, there’s a lot to discover in this culturally rich section of the North Carolina coastline.

Top 10 Attractions at Carolina Beach

Top 10 Attractions at Carolina Beach

Though arguably best known for its beaches, Carolina Beach is brimming with fantastic attractions for visitors who know where to look. From classic boardwalks, to freshwater lakes, to remote island reserves, there’s a lot to discover both on and off the local beaches. Make the most out of your next Carolina Beach getaway, and ensure that these top 10 attractions are on your upcoming vacation agenda. Enticing for visitors of all ages and interests, these destinations will have your family eager to plan your next escape to this iconic Cape Fear beach town.