Genki is a fresh Japanese and sushi joint that’s tucked away along the popular Market Street in the New Centre shopping district. Boasting colorful and flavorful dishes that can satisfy any craving for Japanese fare, this eatery is a fun destination for a light or even hearty meal after a long day of exploring the central Wilmington shopping scene.

Genki features both lunch and dinner menus, and each mealtime is just a little distinctive, but nevertheless offers a world of flavors and fare. The sushi selection is arguably the star of both menus, and there are more than two dozen varieties to choose from. Patrons can fill up on classic rolls, like octopus, shrimp, sea urchin, yellowtail and sweet shrimp rolls, or can try something different, like the unique “Sushi Pizza” – a baked roll with scallop, snapper, mayo, roe, and cheese. There’s also a vibrant array of soups and salads, a host of lunch and dinner specials, and an array of special entrees including curry dishes, Yakisoba noodle dishes, and big sushi sampler plates. Ideal for sushi fans, and able to cater to Asian food fans of all tastes, Genki brings fresh flavors and colorful presentation to a world of specialty Asian / Japanese cuisine. 

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