The Cotton Exchange has long attracted shoppers, foodies, and history buffs of all tastes, but few people know that this ancient collection of brick buildings that’s found alongside the Cape Fear River also has a darker side – a side that can be perfectly, and entertainingly, explored with a Haunted Cotton Exchange Tour. Launching from the exterior of the massive building complex, and exploring all the nooks and crannies of the historic interior, this tour is a fine destination for visitors who want to explore all the ghoulish stories that this centuries-old port city has to offer.

The tours are particularly convenient for any visitor staying in the heart of the downtown area, as they depart and explore the inner-workings of the Cotton Exchange, which is located just a block away from the waterfront. Once on tour, an expert guide will lead visitors through the after-hours structure, pointing out stories and legends of one of the oldest buildings in the entire town. Known as one of the most haunted structures in Wilmington, patrons will learn all the ghoulish aspects of this site while veering through brick passageways that retain an especially eerie quality after dark. Full of thrills and chills, the Haunted Cotton Exchange Tour is a must for visiting Wilmington ghost lovers.

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