A coastal town like Wilmington always appreciates fresh Mexican fare, and La Güera is the local go-to for authentic Latin cuisine at its budget-friendly best. Far beyond the typical tacos and burritos, (although those are certainly available), La Güera will introduce even the most astute Mexican food fans to a whole new world of South of the Border cuisine.

The menu is divvied up into fresh entrees, Tortas / Mexican sandwiches, enchiladas and specialties, soups, and combos, and a good portion of the menu has dishes that simply aren’t found at other Mexican food chains. With most menu items boasting full descriptions that are all in Spanish, newcomers may want to ask for recommendations, or refer to the scribbled specials board to select a delicious dish to enjoy. (There are also pictures in the menu to lend an extra hand.) Popular items include the taquitos, the Hurraches – a big tortilla with choice or meat or cactus – or the Cuban Torta – an all-day satisfying breakfast sandwich with Chorizo, steak, marinated pork, ham and eggs.

With huge portions and incredibly budget-friendly prices, La Güera is slowly expanding outside the realm of broke college students and surfers, and is gaining a community-wide reputation as one of Wilmington’s best destinations for completely original and authentic Mexican fare.

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