Something Fishy Seafood Restaurant is a back-to-basics seafood shack that’s found in central Wilmington along a quieter and less bustling section of College Road. Found within a modest sized but distinctive bright yellow and blue diner-style building, the menu may be simple, but the warm interior, friendly service, and local specialties set this seafood joint apart.

The outside might look basic, but the interior is inviting, with pastel blue walls, and a scattering of tables of all sizes that are topped with seafood condiments, including cocktail sauce, hot sauce, and tartar sauce. This is a good indication of the fare to come, which includes a range of fried seafood selections, steamed seafood platters, lunchtime specials, and sandwiches. There’s a burger on the menu, and a selection of kid-friendly eats, but seafood is the main draw, with a host of local favorites available including fried flounder, trout, scallops, shrimp, oysters, clam strips, and deviled crabs. Each meal can be complimented with a classic southern side, like fried okra, collard greens, or boiled potatoes, and patrons will want to ask about specials, which can include seasonal catches like fresh spot. Tasty, laid-back, and simple, Something Fishy Seafood Restaurant will appeal to classic seafood palettes and southern appetites alike.

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