Sushi Gem is a relatively new addition to the Hampstead dining scene, but its eclectic global menu and chic interior with darkened tables and a wraparound bar are already turning heads in the local community. Boasting a fresh menu, regular drink specials on draft beer, wines and sake, and a full sushi menu that will appeal to any foodie, this chic destination is growing a large fan base in the quiet coastal community of Hampstead.

The menu goes far beyond sushi, (although sushi certainly plays a huge role), and includes a huge array of special appetizers, soups and salads, noodle, rice and curry dishes, tempura dishes, hibachi and teriyaki entrees, bento boxes, and Chef Specialties. As a result, it can be daunting to decide what to taste first, so newcomers will want to start with one of the specialty rolls, like the Bagel Roll with tempura-style salmon cream cheese and avocado, and then move on to one of the special entrees, like Steamed Ginger Fish, Thai Basil Duck or Tuna, or the Jalapeno Runa with stir-fried garlic, ginger, scallion, jalapeno and onion. With a heavy dose of creativity infused into classic sushi and Asian cuisine selections, Hampstead locals and visitors alike can enjoy a new spin on the Japanese, Chinese and Thai classics. 

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